RE: Spinterland's Rent-A-Deck Project - Day 3 - Let's Go Shopping!


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As a full-time renter(I sustained my renting cost without putting more money since last August and I am currently at $0.51/day; you can read my long time entries there on how I rent), my personal advice is that you don't need that high of a level per card to start. You can cut your renting budget in half or more just by renting the 5/4/3/2 to hit the silver cap or even just go for the gold cap as you are expected to go that high anyway.

A lot of the silver cap cards have 0.000 escrow(or at most 0.005) so you can remove them for free before your rental period ends and they are much cheaper than the level 10 or whatever high level you are renting right now. This gives you much lower rental cost per day at the lower level where the extra levels don't do anything.

After you hit gold, you can then cut all these cards out and swap them for gold rank level cards. This step-by-step upgrade will save you a crap ton of rental fee on the long run. The down side is extra work to swap them out as you have to do it card-by-card.