I heard Marrying more than one wife will not make you poor and marrying one wife will not make you rich !


It is improper to think marrying more than one wife will make someone poor while marrying one wife will make someone rich .

It is also improper to think having many children will make someone poor and having few children will make someone rich .

Such thinking is an inspiration from the Satan (Devil) , Allah (God) alone can make someone rich or poor regardless of the amount of wives and children.
What many of us don’t know is that before we step on the surface of the earth, God has already programmed us with everything we are going to experience in life.
We can see someone with more than one wife who is rich and someone with one wife who is poor .
We can also see someone with many children who is rich and someone with few who is poor and vice versa

Therefore , my advice is that we should know our limit and we shouldn't exceed it and we should also know that the provider of sustenance is Allah , may He enriches us with lawful sustenance .


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