True Family is the building blocks of the society or rather a bed rock of the society. If every family can get it right the society will be right automatically. But, what do we see today, every family are chasing wealth. No time to for the children you brought into this world, no proper orientation.


Wife no longer recognize her husband and husband no longer cared about his wife and family.

The chase of material things is becoming worrisome.

The children themselves are chasing something else, disrespectful to their parents, join one Cult to another. And parents are no longer have their place in the family. The society itself is upside down.

The question, what should we do?

  1. We should turn to our Creator.
  2. Revive our culture
  3. Respect our wives views
  4. Keep away from evil things such as achoholic drinks,
  5. Night clubs and some other dangerous gathering
  6. Anything unlawful etc.
  7. We should take good care of our families
  8. We should respect our elders
  9. We should respect our parents.
  10. Have patience with our wives and children…

With these, I believe the society itself will appreciate our little constitution.


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