THE CITY OF ABUJA (The Zone of the Filthy).

This is the great city of Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.



This great city houses all the states government representative and housed the entire corrupt politicians, this city is the zone of the filthy where all evil perpetrators are organized, meet and deseminate their acts.
Even government officials are not left out, they are the leaders of all evil perpetrators and they are the advocate.

Can you just imagine, where an elder stateman will continue to plan evils again their subjects simply because he was not voted inn during the election. That is politicians in Africa.

There was one incident in one of Nigeria states, in southern part of the country, where a certain politicians dug bourhole for their communities during the election, unfortunately, the election results was not in their favor, and went ahead and destroyed the whole projects simply because he was loose, that is the crude politicians we have here in Africa especially in Nigeria.

Recently we discovered that some retired Generals, top politicians, traditional leaders and some set of terrorists members are involved in this urgly incidents that involves the killing of innocent people.
All the crimes you see in Africa are organized ones.

This is another unbearable situation in our country:




This is VIO “vehicle inspection officer”
They are the most terrible officers in the world. They are so corrupt, liers, they can plant anything in your car if you are careless.
Even work they are not meant to do, they continue to find offenses and intimidating the weak people.

Can you believe this, some bigger guy and top government officials, politicians are exempted in paying tax in almost everything?

In this country is when you protest you would killed, you go against what is not right you get killed. You speak against government you get killed. Only the evil perpetrators running the affairs of the country.

The question the weak one are asking, What should we do? Cos most of these leaders are diabolical and wicked and they can do undo and shared human blood at their will.

May the Almighty God save us from the wicked ones.