Last Sorceress: Detention, Chapter 4 - Together (Logan's POV)

Hello! This is chapter 4! I hope you like it!
Here's a link to the last chapter:

I have no idea what happened. I hadn’t moved. I was right in front of the school. The only difference was Luna wasn’t there. “Luna!" No one answered. I started to panic. Maybe she went inside? I waited for another second before going inside. I looked by her classroom. Nope. I was starting to get nervous. What if something happened to her? My palms began to get sweaty.

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I couldn't think of what pictures to add, so I decided to get pictures of what I imagine the characters to look like. This is Logan.

Suddenly, I saw Luna walk in through the front door. She was wearing a different dress. “Luna, what happened,” I asked. “I went to the past. And I met my grandmother,” she said. I was stunned by both of these statements. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to an empty classroom. “Hey, I can walk you know,” I said. She closed the door. “I have so much to tell you.”

She told me everything. From Aberon to her grandmother disappearing. “So, you're a witch,” I asked. She nodded, sadly. “Why the long face? I mean, you're a witch! That’s awesome!” “You think so?” “I know so.” “But, you're supposed to hate witches, like everyone else here. If anyone found out, I’d be hanged before the day is done." “Hey,” I said, taking her hand. “Who cares if the town doesn’t like you? Luna, you're the most amazing person here. If they can’t accept that, that’s their problem.” She smiled.

“What did you do with the book,” I asked. “I hid it. If anyone found it." She paused. "I’d rather not think about that. It’s under the broken board I told you about.” “The one you refuse to fix?” “That’s the one.”

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I knew it. I knew she was a witch. I was RIGHT! I can’t wait to tell Mr. Down of my discovery. “Logan, I have a question. Why aren’t you acting surprised or scared? All witches are supposed to be dead, and then you find out I’m one. Why aren’t you frightened?” I gave her a knowing smile. “Because I know you Luna. You're my friend. Nothing will change that.” She smiled. Then the bell rang.

“I’ll see you in class,” she said, opening the door and walking out. I exhaled. If anyone’s reading this and made it this far, you deserve some answers. You see, I know this very powerful man. A very interesting man. No, he’s not a wizard. His name is Mr. Down. If he were here, he’d tell me “We don’t use the word witch. We use the word sorceress.”

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Mr. Down, you'll see more of him next chapter!

And now I have proof. Right when I met Luna I knew she was a sorceress. Now that I have actual proof, then she can join us, because Luna is like us. Magical.

I am so excited for the next chapter! In the next chapter you get to meet some new characters and I hope you'll like them. Feedback is always appreciated! Stay magical!


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This just keeps getting more intriguing. I am hooked. 🪝 Looking forward to the next chapter.