Here is Where My Mastery Stands


OK, So I am going Throw my Mastery Section in CTP and see that I have a few things that need to get some attention too.

  1. I need 6 more Referrals to Hits Connect If you are not a Member please Feel Free to Join Under me.

  2. I am working on getting to 10k Pages Surfed at Cup of Traffic so I Deceided that it would take me forevery to get there at 7 secounds so I used some of My CTP Tokens and Bought the 3 Day Upgrade to Try and get it done, or at least make a good Dent in it lol.
    2a. I also Need 10 Referrals in Join me if you are not a Member and Help me Reach my Nest Targets.

  3. Hive Mastery was Done a Long Time ago, but going to take a look over it again this week.

  4. Working on getting my 25 emails Sent to get to the next Target.

Thanks for Reading my Rant for the Day.

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Aaron Green
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