Memories form past... Gurseerat pose well for clicks...


_I clicked those pictures three year back. At that time Gurseerat was two year old. She does not give poses for photography but that was my lucky day.

In the first picture she was posting like she is dancing. Its one step of Punjabi folk dance._
In the second picture she tilted one one side. It looks like she is pointing at something.
Third one is my favorite. She put her hand on back side and looks like she is explaining something.
Fourth one is also looks like she is dancing.
In this pic she looks so innocent. She put her one hand over other. Both the hands are on front side and looks beautiful pose.

Hello all friends and Photography lovers.

Sharing some picture clicked three year back. Actually I purchased my first DSLR specially to click my princess's memories. She loks amazing in those pics. I hope she will be more happy to she those click after ten-fifteen years.

This account belongs to my kid. She is just 4 year old and as she does not know writing so my wife (@mk992039) and me (@guurry123) are managing the account for now. We will handover the account to her when the time comes.

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