My CTP, ALIVE & HIVE Goal Weekly Update....

Hello all Friends..


I am chasing a target of 100k CTP Power by the end of Year 2023, 50k Alive Power by the end of Year 2023 and 4000 Hive by the end of December 2023.

Still not able to spare time for manual curation but trying my best to work on manual curation.

CTP Goal

I holding 70497 CTP Power. With another 100 CTP token stacking at current its 70597 CTP.
To achieve the target needed more then 700 CTP token per week.

Still having 872 CTP token in liquid for next power up challenge.

Don't forget to comment on post to get some CTP tip.


I was holding 35607 ALIVE Power. With another 235 Alive token stacking, at current its 35843 AP.
To achieve the target needed more then 400 CTP token per week.

@flaxz tribe admin organizing the AP Power up contest and distribute the 1000 AP to participant as per the percentage of increase in AP. Check the below link for more information.

Don't forget to comment on the post & I will reward you with some ALIVE token...

Hive Goal

At present account has own 2344 HP. From past weeks received aprox 11.09 Hives form Author and 3.2 curation as rewards, which are more then the last week.
At present account Reputation is 66.719 with 202 Followers &
3700 Posts.

My wife and me set my kids account as beneficiary for some posts from last week so that will help the account to grow. I am setting 60% beneficiary rewards to my kids account from at least one post per day.

I would like to highlight the curation tail and interesting projects helps me lot.

Curation Trail
@bradleyarrow setup a curation trail and you can check he details and how to join the trail by clicking on this link

Come and join the rail.

CTPSB Project

The CTPSB account is powered by the community and owned by the community.

CTP Swarm Booster (CPSB) is a initiative by @achim03
The Idea behind is to create a account which will upvote the posts within the community and then curation rewards earn by the account will be used to grow the account.
More Hive Power = increase value of the token
To know the concept of the project click here

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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