Ask Leo- Buy a crypto or buy a house ??

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I was reading a conversation online where some guys were talking about how they would prefer to buy a crypto rather than buy a house most especially at the age they were at the moment, the guys seems to be in their mid 20's....

Now looking at their conversations critically, I think it is not really a bad idea if they prefer pouring their money into crypto and not pouring it into real estate..

More than ten years ago , bitcoin was less than $1000 and I remember i had an uncle who bought his house at a price of more than $70000 during that the same house is currently valued at less than $500,000 dollars. .

Let's imagine if my uncle decided not to buy the house and prefers using the money which is $70000 to purchase bitcoin at a price of $1000 , that means he would be able to buy 70 Bitcoin...

Assuming he kept the bitcoin till this moment, it means that his 70 bitcoin would now be valued at around $1.4million dollars due to the current price of one bitcoin..

Mathematically, buying the crypto would have become more profitable than buying the house..

But also they both have their pros and cons..

What If the bitcoin price did not rise but just kept falling?? Or let's assume a scenario whereby the bitcoin fell to below $2000 by now , it means the 70 bitcoin would be valued at less than $140000 which is low compared to the money he would have made if he invested into real estate..

The point is investing on real estate and investing on crypto are both good form of investment, but you just need to understand the risks that might be involved in those investments and make sure you understand how to manage your investments..

And who said you cannot do both ,, you can invest on crypto and at the same time invest on real estate.. .

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