My start in Terracore and my Strategy/Investment


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Yesterday I was browsing through the hive looking for new investments and I ended up finding Terracore's most recent post: Terracore: Devlog #25 - New Planet Celestia & The Void Titan Release!. So I asked myself, what is Terracore?.

Curious as I am I ended up visiting their blog to find out what it's all about. At first it was a little confusing because there were several posts about development but I soon realized that Terracore is a game, as I was looking for new investments in the hive so I said, since I'm here so why not read more about this game?

There were several posts about development so at first it was a little confusing to find the basis of everything, so I went to look at their first post: Stories from TerraCore: A New Beginning. This post didn't have the information I wanted but it was fun to read.

After reading several posts I finally found what I wanted, the game's Wiki with all the information: Wiki Terracore

The reading was faster than I imagined and the way it was explained was simple and direct, after finishing the reading, the game really caught my attention and I was determined to make an investment in it to experience what it had to offer. It's a simple game that doesn't take up much time, so it's perfect for me.

To get started in the game is very simple and you will only need to follow the steps that I will show you.

1 - You need to access the game's website: Play Terracore (This is my reference link so use it only if you want to).

After accessing the site you will wait for it to load and it will appear for you to login using your Hive account.

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You just need to write your hive account in the field and login via Hive Keychain.

2 - Pay 10$ in hive to obtain your citizenship.

After logging in you need to buy your citizenship, the value is 10$ in hive so the amount of hive needed can change at any time according to the current price of hive.

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I created my account yesterday (05/25) and paid 28.447 Hive for citizenship.

After obtaining your citizenship you will have access to the game's resources and you will start earning Scrap which is one of Terracore's cryptocurrencies.

You will start with the minimum stats:

imag 3.png

Engineering (1)

Engineering is the one of the core mechanics to earning more $SCRAP. The higher your mining power the greater your Mine Rate will be allowing you to earn $SCRAP faster. Every Level of Engineering increases the Players Mine rate by 10%

Damage (10)

Damage is a basic stat that is used when attacking other players. It will first remove the amount of defense that the enemy has, if there is any attack points left after that it will take points from the health of the player. The amount of HP a player is able to take from you the % of your claimable resources they are able to steal.

Defense (10)

Defense is a basic stat that is used when idle, it can protect you and your earned scrap from being stolen when idle. When a player attacks you they need to first get through your defense.

Stash Size (1)

Stash Size is based on the amount of staked $SCRAP you hold on your account. The more you stake the more you can earn when you are idle.

There are also other stats like Luck, Doge, Crit and Favor, but I won't talk about them in this post, you can read more about them in the Wiki I mentioned before. In fact, I strongly recommend that you read the entire Wiki so you don't have any doubts before making an investment in the game.

Starting with the lowest stats is not my intention in the game so in addition to the 28.447 Hive invested I also bought 50 Scrap to do some upgrades.

imag 6.png

  • I put Engineering at 5 and for that I spent 30 Scrap.

  • I set Damage to 20 and for that I spent 1 Scrap.

  • I put Defense at 40 and for that I spent 14 Scrap.

  • I set the Stash Size to 5 and for that I spent 5 Scrap.

That was my initial investment for the game. My focus was on Engineering to be able to produce more Scrap and on Defense to defend myself from attacks and try not to get robbed.

I will also increase my Damage a bit more to increase my chances of being able to loot other players and earn more Scrap.

My Damage is low but I was still able to get 3 wins looting other players.

imag 4.png

Now that my investment has been made my strategy is to wait and analyze my gains, I will use a part to recover my investments and another part to upgrade my statistics.

There are also planets in Terracore, where you can fight Bosses to earn Nfts and further improve your stats or sell them on the marketplace.

The value to enter the planets is a little high, to enter the planet Oceana you need to have 1000 Favor which is the equivalent of 1000 Scrap, you also need a Nft Ship and spend Flux to fight the boss, so for now I don't have intending to go to the planets, I will just watch for opportunities and follow my strategy.

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