Chasing the 75k SPS... New Focus Point based reward systematic New cards...

Hello all Hive friends

The SPS price is low and this is good opportunity for buying and accounting more in wallet.


56 airdrop days are remaining and at present the 45% is APR on stacking. The APR looks amazing but yes you have to stak the SPS. In coming days I am expecting the some rise in the price as their will be huge SPS burn. A big portion of the Node License sale earning will be burning as per the announcement which will reduce the overall supply and which will result in increase in price.
I am chasing the target of 75k SPS staking in my account and at present I have staked more then 65.5k SPS. I am accumulating and staking as I believe in project and the SPS will be one of the key in upcoming updating and decisions making.


The new season has been started and with the new season a new updating has been implemented. The new 20 cards are in the game along with Focus Power (FP) concept. In my view the FP will involve kore in battling as you have to battle more to get more FP and more FP means more daily and season end rewards. The quest system also been changed with fixed end time. Players can rlaimed the daily chest rewards after the end for 24 hour clock and rewards will be based on the FP.


I am in Gold League and ready to claimed my 2 chests. Hope will get some good cards.

Post is part of my crowd funding experiment and warning from the post will be used to purchase a watch (So that I can effectively participate in @actifit project). Thanks in advance for the support.

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