Insulin resistance and major depression


Insulin is one of the strongest hormones in our body. It works against many hormones to keep blood sugar levels under the normal range. Insulin, after binding to the insulin receptors on the cells in our body, facilities the entry of circulating glucose into the cells. In some cases, despite being secreted from the Beta cells of the pancreas, insulin can not work on the cell receptors properly leading to insulin resistance. As a result, blood glucose goes high leading to the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM).

Before the development of DM, insulin resistance may remain in our bodies unnoticed for a long period. It is often found in association with other diseases or conditions such as obesity, polycystic ovary, acanthosis nigricans etc. In a recent study, it is shown that people with insulin resistance are at twice the risk of developing the major depressive disorder than those who don't have insulin resistance. You can find the details of this Stanford study here

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If insulin is deficient and the pancreas fails to secrete adequate insulin, it leads to the development of type 1 DM. On the other hand, in insulin resistance, the amount of insulin in the blood is adequate. The problem is that insulin can not bind effectively to the receptors. Certain habits lead to the development of insulin resistance, such as:

  • Excess calories intake
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep

If you look at the reasons for developing insulin resistance, you will understand that all of these are preventable. Hence, insulin resistance is preventable. Major depressive disorder due to insulin resistance is a preventable condition.

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Thank you very much for these posts. I am getting to know a lot of information on medical topics. In fact, I did not come across this kind of information when I was doing this kind of news. I did not know this information before I read it.

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