Cardano Market Something Like Just Trades Sideways ! What The Market Trying To Tell Us


The market in cardano.where it was willing to prop down the price.i need to lower the only thing when you see a market in cardano something like just trades sideways by- it tells the market is not in any hurry to lower its price in fact.

We've been in this range in cardano for an extremely long time.what does mean what is the market trying to tell us when it trades sideways we got to think about this it's telling us something with all of the billion dollars this market in cardano.
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What is going on in this range.people are selling the only thing what do you think it is buying and selling from my perspective i think you can see what my expectation is what the majority of the market is doing. they're buying they're looking for the market in cardano to go lower in price.

I'm still looking down trend into the market in cardano.we've seen the price come down to 1.10 dollar we saw an price i mean look at it pretty good.the volume is decent as well this market is still trying to go down.we saw a weakness come into the market in cardano.
We was able to see the market close up towards the low still some strength into the market most definitely.this market is still looking quite bullish especially.we're still seeing strengthen to the market even weeks this market in cardano from a weekly perspective is still massively weak.

Where i said my price targets what i'm looking at 1.06 cents.i can still see happening you tell the market did drop out at pretty close.the market is coming back down the market gonna get another stab at trying to break 1.08 cents to the upside.
You going to get this information everyone else is going to try to give you.they're going to deliver what going to do in market they're trying to plug all of this price movement and that is the worst can do you need to pay attention to what people are doing with money with their own money .

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