Cubfinance Coin Again Cross 45 Cents Level Market Again Going To Moon


They was looking for the price in cubfinance to hit 37 cents by the end of this year. you think cubfinance is gonna hit only some amount of cents. what do you think there's definitely some outliers could the price in cubfinance all the way down.
The marketing cubfinance i was playing the weakness into the market.i wasn't all weak. i was still looking for the price in cubfinance to come all the way down. we haven't so possibly we may have found the support area the market in cubfinance around only 38 cents give or take.

The updated price target in the market. i don't want to have much confusion on my chart. if you wasn't able to get into the market you'll be down 10 percent.i really want us to zoom out and what is the long-term trajectory of where cubfinance is going to go can tell the upward movement is still intact.
The overall trend in cubfinance is one still of higher prices. i mean we can still expect us to do as long as the's just simple longer term perspective like if you're looking for price in cubfinance in the next year as long as price stays above.we have nothing to worry about price is going to continue to go up in the next 12 months.

We're going to go up. what the price is doing see where it is and as long as we already got ideas where the market is headed all what the market is showing us. we really didn't get too much price actually we saw a very wide spread we were down 10 percent over the last some days.

What's going on in the market i mean if the market in cubfinance truly was weak. we should have saw the continuation of price going down but wasn't the case no it wasn't the price instead of it going down for cubfinance has been maintained.

I'm telling you all there's only two options you can get in the market at any given time either buy or sell the majority of the market in cubfinance price bar was selling or trying to offload their cubfinance market.

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