Why Cubfinance is going to continue to go stable break this trend?


What is the market trying to do. where are they trying to go the price to come up and look at the market so far has price been coming stable in cubfinance. yes was pretty much on for what we expected the market to do .
We're not scared.we're not nervous. we're not questioning scratching our heads trying to figure. why in the world is cubfinance going up there's much positive news in the space. why is the market going stable because the market already told us ahead of time. where it was trying to go this profitability out of the market.

If you were to get off the market. the market in cubfinance is going to continue to go stable has broken this trend. the market and cubfinance was upholding to this trend all the way back here in beginning of this month. the price was going up price has broken trend. we should not be expecting a price to go up we shouldn't because now price is on a decline price is going down .
Why we could possibly see the market in cubfinance continue to go stable. we're looking for the market to go up and cubfinance how high are we looking for it to go up. we're not looking for price to come all the way up to 40 cents. where we can notice the buyers where do you think the buyers.

What i'm going to do. they're trying to prop up cubfinance price there around 43 to 45 cents.i'm not expecting this 50 cents price level and cubfinance to hold.we need to see the next price level. we can see buyers what do you all think it's not going to be 50 cents.the market in cubfinance has been closing lower than the previous days price bar.

The prices has been coming up in cubfinance. the market in cubfinance is still showing us there's more selling going on than our buyers i'm not necessarily seeing the market in cubfinance as extremely weak can we see price collapse.

Yes we can maybe around 10 15 chance. we can see i'm not gonna necessarily predict i'm going to play the strength.

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