Ask LEO: Can hardworking be rewarded?

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To be ahead in life you need to work and hardworking can be said the best way to be succeed in life. But mind you not everyone believe in this, some people don't feel they're getting much from there job, so they jump into conclusion that it's not yielding to there expectations. And in some cases some people truly enjoy what they do and believe that there hardwork will surely be rewarded, so by this they surely believe in themselves and bring joy and happiness from what they do. Some of us doesn't know that it's not all about how much you earn or the famous or name of your job, but it's all about how hardworking you are and how much you enjoy what you're working for.

Hardworking can be rewarded in so many ways but when you don't keep on track with what you're doing just because it's not paying well now, when it start paying well, you might not be rewarded if you have lost the hope and you limit yourself. Before you can be rewarded you need to put lot of things on track and show your full support with sincerity and then the rewarded will be yours.


The major foundation to success is by hardworking, and to be rewarded, you need to work harder. But sometimes to ascertain success is not by hardworking but always keep yourself prepared in all ways. In some cases like promotion or something likes, it might not be your hardworking but your preparations brings it to you.

For example, when you're hardworking but you don't get prepared for the reward, that will surely limit the reward because we all know promotion can be through your qualifications and sometimes by grace, hardworking can never bring a good job to you but how can it bring a better offer to you is never relent and keep networking for the best and by doing this we can also categories it as hardworking for not relenting and never give up for the best.


It's hard sometimes to know the process of work we need to hammer on that will make a progress. But never forget and always remind that it's better to keep working hard always than not working atall. Because if you work hard, you'll surely have a reward at the end. But always be smart about your hardworking and never let it turn you to a slave.

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