Ask Leo: Other than superiority,what other respect come from having money?

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When you're financially stable, there will be an act of respect that will be given to to you, but never let that freak you, because those respect they're given you is base on your achievements in life, which is money.

Everyone want to be respected, but before you can be respected, you need to work for it and give yourself the respect so that people can respect you. People only respect those that make money and even higher than them and those that are successful in the society.

Age is not a barrier in respect, if you make it more than your elders, you'll surely have the respect. Another benefit in been financially stable is that it brings you more doors of opportunity due to your capabilities.

When you have the respect, you need to be mindful of your behaviours because there is a saying that "respect is reciprocal" inwhich if you're been respected and you act funny you can make the respect vanish with your attitude towards the individual.

Our attitude are been monitored when you're financially stable or rich, and we never know what tomorrow will surely turn out to be, as we all know that Tomorrow is not promised. Your attitude today will be used against you tomorrow. Never be carried away with what you have now and the respect been given to you now.

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