Nature photography : Night shades plant review


Hi everyone, this time I'd like to show you one of the flowering plants. At first glance it looks like a fruit plant but is actually being used for decorating. The plant's Latin name is solanum diphyllum or commonly called nightshades. It is also frequently called cherry yar.


The nightshades are a variety of decorative plants that come from America and Mexico. Then slowly evolve and spread out across the world. The plant is a houseplant because the fruit of the plant is toxic, although there is no definite study yet people think so.


Nightshades is the kind of plant that can grow up to 10 feet tall. Early in the fruitful season the color of the fruit is green, the fruit enters a ripe period turning yellow. This makes the plant look unique and beautiful, a beautiful combination of yellow and green.


The nightshades were oval and sharply pointed, the grooves on the leaf being a single stripe. It has a rich, green bow. The roots of the plant grow and spread around the base of the stem. All the combinations of this plant look unique and beautiful when they make a housewarming plant in front of the yard.

![img_0.5455016811322462.jpg]() ![img_0.6418871284441242.jpg]() -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **the photos taked by : xiomi redmi not 9 pro** **target of photos : Solanum Diphyllum** **Location : Yogyakarta, Indonesia** **Edited on : Adobe Lightroom**