RE: CityCoins: Tens Of Millions Raked In And Changing City Governance?


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These tokens remind me of what it will have been like to see Nigeria have its own city tokens they will be a massive fight of who's token is doing better and why and the mining part will have been Epic, with the bigger cities wanting to stay on the top and others trying to make their city tokens meet up to people standards, apart from that they will have had change all payments methods to each city tokens, I say this because I see how many people are tried for using the naria whose value is low. The rich will just keep getting more to that they can brag about how they use their tokens to buy themself a new car or build a new house or even employ people to mine this token for them. I guess I will try to make a post about it too.
the point is they are so many people they will switch to these tokens even if they are just meme tokens named after their city.