🎸✨Rising Star Game : My Game Status and Strategy✨🎸

Hello All Music and Rising Star lovers,

Hope you all are doing good and setting new records in this game.

I am on level 131 now and looking forward to level 132.

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My Current Strategy:

My ego level is 0 which is helping me get maximum skills and starbits from the missions. I also started doing music promotor and getting a few STARPRO daily. This is helping me complete Promote Fan Club special mission daily. I am accumulating enough starbits to buy a pack to progress in game by owning more cards and fans. I bought 12 card pack and got below cards :

I did not get anything above Rare. I was hoping to get good amount of Fans from these cards so that i can continue doing STARBITS Millionaire mission but i was a little disappointed so get very less Fans.


I minted a top guitar a few months ago and now focusing on rest of the instruments. I was short of 1 gold parts to mint a top drum and finally got it a few weeks ago. I am still on part shot for top production instrument. I will keep doing at least one "Custom Shop" mission. Hopefully i will get the last parts soon.

I am going to mint the Drum soon.

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My current Stats:

  • Total missions - 7946
  • Current Level - 131
  • EGO - 0%
  • Number of Fans - 56477(out of which 2945 are drunk/temporary)
  • Total Skills - 1000464 ( From Cards: 47171, From Lessons: 53293)
  • Luck - 10009
  • Income Modifier - 996
  • Total number of cards - 9591

Special thanks to @apprentice001, @playbyhive, @musicuniversity and @mawit07 for their amazing giveaway initiatives and help so far.



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