Today my second post on leo finance about trading BTC/Hive and BTC/USDT


My second post on leo fiance

Hello to all my friends, I hope you are all well. Welcome to the world of trading. Today I will tell you what trades I have made in Bianace today and tomorrow. And what is the price of btc and what is the information about it?

Trading yesterday

I placed an order for trading btc and hive yesterday because the price of btc was very high yesterday. I have placed an order of 0.0000900 btc / hive which will be automatically bought.

I took a screen shot during this time


Trading today

This morning at 10 o'clock I placed another order in which I placed an order to buy btc BTC / USDT I placed an order to buy btc of 1000 USDT which will go to the price of BTC 51234 BTC of 1000 USDT 0.0019518 automatically Will be purchased itself

When I started this trading, I took a screen shot of it



BTC price

The price of btc was very high at 58526 yesterday. Today the price of btc has come down and the price has come down to 56779. Hopefully the price of btc will go down. Nothing can be said yet.


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