U.R.F.A - New Hashkings Expansion - Factories #2


Ultimate Responsive Farming Assistant

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The future is today, human beings have been surpassed in tasks as important as farming by the U.R.F.A (Ultimate Responsive Farming Assistant) a race of peaceful robots that live to plant, water and harvest. It is your time to participate in this new game mode that we will launch within Hashkings!

U.R.F.A gameplay is very simple, you need fragments and factories to create a new robot. Today I am going to present to you all the details about the factories and why they are going to be a very rare asset initially.

This is important, each day only 5 factories are distributed between all the players.

This is because bots will also have a chance to harvest factories.

Each factory based on their rarity can create a robot each x days:

  • Common factories can mint a new robot each 14 days
  • Rare factories can mint a new robot each 10 days
  • Epic factories can mint a new robot each 5 days
  • Legendary factories can mint a new robot each day

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¿How To Get Them?

Factories can only be obtained by burning BUDS in a daily pool and they can be found in 4 different rarities with the following drop rates:

  • Common - 49%
  • Rare - 33%
  • Epic - 15%
  • Legendary - 3%


Stay tuned for the following Hashkings posts to learn more about U.R.F.A.

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