Plan To succeed// IAAC


Lovely morning to all on the #hiven platform. It was really a busy and stressful last week. I worked myself out inorder to meetup, but is a new week now, and everything will be fair this week hopefully.
Please how are we all doing? I believe we are managing to survive almost this difficult time.
So this morning I'm writing on how my new week will be, it will really be a busy one. You know @flaxz will always tell us the need to plan for the week.

Here is my plans for the week;

Monday-I will be going to work and also writing about my plan fir the week.

Tuesday-I will be going to work and also publishing #threads on #leothreads. Promoting post is always a sure for that day.

Wenesday- I will be going to work and also powering up my alive token.

Thursday-I will be going to preaching and also a meeting with my brothers.

Friday- I will be returning to work.

Saturday-I will be going to the barbershop and also I will be in hive.

Sunday- Sundays are for meetings. I will also be going to the barbershop after the meeting.

NOTE: I will be on hive throughout the week.
Please plan you week and have a fullfiled one.