Optimizing my HIVE passive and not-so-passive income (Hive adventures series)


Some time ago I decided to have a look at Leofinance, courtesy of my buddy @acesontop. Oh, boy, and this started quite some adventure. From Leo, started to learn about Hive, and then about all kinds of layer 2 tokens. Right now, my main focus is on reaching my yearly target of 25K LEO, after I got the 5000 HIVE, a few months ago. By the way, for the fun of it, these two tokens got both a Power-up day (translate as staking for people who are not yet onboarding HIVE blockchain), HIVE on every 1st day of the month, and LEO on the 15th. Even PGM had a Power-up event in August, the whole week, 1st to 7th of August.
 "money sky.jpg"

That being said, I have also discovered a few other tokens that provide a passive income in some way, and I am trying to get some of them every week, when possible (I am talking about BRO, DHEDGE, ARCHON, INDEX, UTOPIS, and BXT). All of them pay something daily, in the form of their own tokens, plus some others extra. One separate special token - SPT, is accumulated writing about Splinterlands game on their forum. Another two tokens related to blockchain games that I hold are 1UP and Level (the one with the game - PsyberX, which got me 4 packs of cards on their games, with one last pack being airdropped in September).

And then I got the blockchain games. First is Splinterlands. I have high hopes for it, as I was joining them quite some time ago, and I was lucky enough to get some really expensive cards for peanuts money. If I add to this the investment in Land NFTs and one node validator license, on top of the daily airdrop that they did for one entire year, this resulted in one nice stream of passive income: Vouchers from the node validator, SPS from the staked SPS, and then cards, packs of cards and DEC tokens from the daily quest, all of them worthy of at least 10-12 Hive tokens daily.

Then I have Rising Star, where I managed to get one million Starbits tokens, and now I have a Millionaire daily quest giving me 1 Hive every day with only one click, resulting in another extra 30 HIVE monthly. I am on and off playing DCity and Dcrops, with not-so-great results, but I am making another 20-30 HIVE every month from there too.

What can I say, adding new tokens to my bag, and getting some as a tip for my posts, I hope to create a steady stream of passive income one day, being that a few years from now. Bit by bit, never stopping. Perseverance and patience always pay off.

All the best,


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