Short Story Challenge - Day 19

As I promised, this month I will do another writing challenge, this time the focus will be on storytelling, and I will try to immortalize a fragment of life, a short story about something that made me wonder, being that an idea or a peek into a stranger's life. Enjoy!

Alternative futures and some marshmallows (25.11.2022)

I woke up today, had my morning plants, did my little stretching, and had my daily ritual. Part of me being born in a long line of witches, I had a particular set of skills. I can see the future, up to one whole year. Tested my limits, and all that I could see one year from now was just darkness. Endless darkness.

As I was still pondering on what I'd just seen, I watched the news, for a few minutes before going to work. Some so-called experts were talking about the possibility of using a nuclear bomb in Ukraine if the Russian Tsar will have no other choice.
I wonder?