Hello everyone, it is a privilege to be here and talking about a new Discovery which is the new forklift machine that uses Battery. it is only charged and used and also it reduce the level of smoke or carbon it produce due to the working process. This machine work very effective and it is used to life loads. The machine is capable of living objects of about 500kg if not more. It has more stronger components attached to it. As you can see in the picture, the two irons in the front are used to lift any load you might want to transport. The forklift machine weigh about 20 tonnes which even the frok must not hit a person to avoid injury.


This machine is operated manually and automatically because it is more like an auto and manual gear car. It has a gear to control the fork in the front that allows the fork in the front to be moveable to any way you want it to be. The machine has a lesser noise which you won't even know when it is coming towards you because it is a battery machine.


There is nothing that has an advantage which doesn't have a disadvantage. This machine has advantages and also it has some disadvantages which is that the machine can work for limited time after which the the battery will go off and would need it to be charged again and also just a single battery in the machine cost over 11 million.. But another thing there is that it uses no fuel so it reduces the cost of fueling.


Another thing is that the battery in it takes time to charge back for it to work back while which the battery get to run down within no time which the battery is so costly to buy and the main issue about the machine is that the battery is costly to get back if you did not get a better one.


As you can see in the picture, those are the loads it was used to move from the packaging floor to where it is rapped and made finished goods. its all said all i want to say but I just need to say some things about the device. And more so, the forklift device can only be driven by just one person which mean only just a person can drive the machine at a time and can't be used to carry another person. It runs at a speed of 50km/hr and can make a turn of 360 degree at turning point. This machine is able to lift loads to a higher length Because it has chain attached to the wheels of the fork which enables it to be able to move and also the length of which it can move higher is about a 15ft tall. This machine has saved a lot of companies from stress of lift goods and moving goods from one place to another but it worth the money it was bought and the purpose it is meant for.