Today we will continue with the random dungeon generation project we started earlier LINK HERE.

Currently our map looks like this:

A couple of things regarding the map.
Each square = 10'
The total outside perimeter = 53 squares wide by 41 squares high
I started with the stairs leading down into Room 1 at the center of the page, this should allow for the maximum page usage.

The next step is to determine what lies down one of the corridors. Lets chose the one to the east of Room 3.
To accomplish this we turn to "Table I.: Periodic Check (d20)"
We will need to roll a d20. I will use Google's dice roller.
In this dungeon I will keep the passages at 10' wide for the most part, although I will check for passage width if it makes sense.

The result is (13)
"Passage Turns"

Now we must consult Table IV.: Turns (d20)
We are also instructed to check the width on Table III but since I am trying to keep most of the passages at 10' we will skip this.

The result is (4) "Left 90 degrees"

After the turn we need to check again on Table 1 (see above).

Image Source

The result is (1) "Continue Straight - check again in 60' "

We check again on table I...

The result is (14) "Chamber (see table V)"

Image Source

Now for the fun part A CHAMBER

The result is (17)
"Rectangular, 40'x 60' "

I will label this chamber #4

Next we will check for the number of exits in this chamber
One thing to note on this table; there are two results for rolls from 1 to 15 depending on the square footage of the chamber or room. Some more Gygaxian Wonkyness

The result is (18)
"Any size roll 1d4 "

You may notice that I highlighted the number 4. I think it will be a good idea to keep the number of exits to 3 or fewer on a small map like this. So I will roll the d4 until I get a result of 1 - 3.

Image Source

And the result is (1) so we will have one exit in this chamber

And now for the exit location


The result is (19) "Same wall"

And finally we check exit direction

The result is (8) "Straight Ahead"

That should do it for today.
Now our updated map looks like this:


I think these kobolds have met there match, haha ;)

Page 170 Art.png

I just love this old artwork in the DM's guide. I always found it interesting that there is no signature or attribution to a lot of these drawings. On the first page of the book all of the illustrators are listed but they don't tell which pieces they are responsible for.

Images are from my copy of the Dungeon Masters Guide by Gary Gygax 1979 - TSR Games
If you would like to get a PDF copy of this book or the other AD&D core rule books go to Drivethru RPG and check them out.


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