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It is time to continue with the random dungeon generation project, using Appendix A from the first edition Dungeon Masters Guide. Here is the Link to the previous episode.

Last time we stopped at the big "odd shaped" room (7). The next steps will be to determine what lies to the east of area 7a.

As with the previous days we will need our random tables:




So starting in area 7a we will head east. First we need to roll on Table I.

  • Check on Table I (Periodic Checks) = (18); Result is "Dead End (walls left, right, and ahead can be checked for secret doors).
    1-5 on d20 indicates a secret door.
    • Check North wall for secret door = (19); no door there.
    • Check south wall for Secret door =(3); We Have a Secret Door to the south.
    • Check Straight Ahead for Secret Door = (18); nothing here.
  • Now we should check what lies beyond the secret door on Table II.
  • Check on Table II (Doors) = (11); Result is "Room go to Table V."
  • Check on Table V (Chambers and Rooms) = (12); Result is "20' x 30' Rectangle"
    Now we will check for Exits in this room:
    • Check on Table V.C (Number of Exits) = (20); Result is "1 Door".
    • Check on Table V.D (Exit Location) = (5); Result is "Opposite Wall." Now for exit direction.
    • Check on Table V.E (Exit Direction) = (15); Result is "Straight Ahead."

Now we go back to Table I to see what lies down the corridor beyond the door.

  • Check on Table I (Periodic Check) = (19); Result is Trick/Trap (see Table VII) passage continues check again in 30'
  • Check on Table VII (Trick/Trap) = (17); Result is "Gas; party has detected it but must breath it to continue along corridor as it covers the next 60'."
    Now we can check on Table VII.A. (Gas Sub-Table)
    • Check on Table VII.A (Gas Sub-Table) = (4); Result is "No Effect"
      Haha, what fun. Tricks like this can really mix-up your players. They will spend time trying to discover a way around the gas or coming up with ways to test the gas. It can get quite interesting.


Ok now back to Table I to see where this gas filled corridor goes.

  • Check on Table I = (20); Result is "Wandering Monster, check again immediately to see what lies ahead so direction of monsters approach can be determined."
    Ok so we will immediately check again on Table I
    • Check on Table I = (11); Result is "Passage Turns, check again in 30'."
      Now we need to check for turn direction.
    • Check on Table IV (Turns) = (17); Result is "Right 90 Degrees"

Now the DM would check on their "Wandering Monster Table". The development of these tables is usually left up to the DM although there is a set of wandering monster table in this Dungeon Masters Guide in Appendix C.
I find the tables in Appendix C to be quite limited by todays standards as it only taps monsters from the original Monster Manual.

Ghost Art MM1.png

Now that the Wandering Monster has been resolved, it is time to see where this gas filled corridor is going. it appears to be heading back towards area 7b.

  • Check on Table I = (14); Result is "Chamber". Because this is heading straight at the lower corner of area 7b I will just connect it with another secret door.


Now we should adventure down the corridor heading southwest from area 7b (back to Table I).

  • Check on Table I = (14); Result is "Side Passage (see Table III) check again in 30'."
  • Check on Table III = (2); Result is "Left 90 degrees"
    Now we can check where the side passage goes...
  • Check on Table I = (15); Result is "Chamber"
  • Check on Table V = (12); Result is "20' x 30' Rectangle"
    Now as always we check for exits.
  • Check on Table V.C. = (6); Result is "2 Exits"
    Now for location, we will need to roll twice on the Table V.D.
  • Check on Table V.D. = (5 and 7); Result is "Opposite Wall" for both exits.
    I think this time I will put both exist in the south wall then we will check for exit direction on Table V.E.
  • Check on Table V.E. (First Exit) = (10); Result is "Straight Ahead"
  • Check on Table V.E. (Second Exit) = (3); Result is "Straight Ahead"

This is how it looks now:


Ok I think that will do it for today. Now we must label the two new chambers. The secret room with the gas filled corridor will be labeled 8 and the other room will be labeled 9.

Check out the map progress so far:


The dwarf is in for a surprise ;)

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Images are from my copy of the Dungeon Masters Guide by Gary Gygax 1979 - TSR Games
If you would like to get a PDF copy of this book or the other AD&D core rule books go to Drivethru RPG and check them out.