Back in May of 2021 I started playing Rising Star on the Hive blockchain. So far I have made it to level 53 and managed to obtain the Millionaire card.


The first thing I noticed when comparing Rising Star to some of the other Play-to-Earn games on HIVE was you did not have to Pay-to-Play. You can gain access to the game without having to invest a bunch of money.
During the first month of playing I invested some HIVE to buy a couple Pizza Boxes and some other cheap cards (somewhere around $10.00). I also won several contest and saved up all my Starbits, till finally I had 100,000 Starbits; just enough to by my first 12 pack of cards. I was very excited.
Here is a spreadsheet showing the cards I got from that pack and their current value:

6-7-21 SPREADSHEET.png

So you can see I did pretty good on that set of packs. The highlight of these is the Hippy Wagon and the Tabla.
For a 100,000 Starbits purchase I got over 180,000 Starbits worth of cards. Now the big question is could I actually sell them for that? The simple answer is I don't want to, haha.
I continued to grind away for the remainder of the summer and finally in late August I saved enough Starbits to get my second 12 pack.

Another Spreadsheet:

8-31-21 SPREADSHEET.png

Wow this one was stellar - 2 Epic Pro Kits, 2 Touring Coaches, and a Jet Ski. Over 280,000 Starbits in cards for a 100,000 SB investment not to shabby.

At this time I was closing in on level 50 and that Millionaire card so I started saving all my Starbits so I could become a Millionaire. By late October I realized it would take another 10 - 12 months at my current rate to get to 1 Million SB, so I decided I would invest.
I hit level 50 in early December and had managed to save just over 200,000 SB, so I invested enough to buy 800,000 SB on the market and applied for the Millionaire Card.

Millionaire Card Small.png

After receiving the Millionaire Card the game really changed. I can buy a 12 pack of cards every 10 day. So far I bought two 12-packs. I did Ok on these 2 but they do not compare to the "August surprise"
Now here is the real kicker. I still have complete control over the 1 million Starbits currently sitting in my Hive Engine wallet. All I have to do is keep the 1M Starbits in my wallet so I can play the Millionaire mission each day. Isn't that great!
Here is a spreadsheet showing those two 12-packs:

12-20-21 SPREADSHEET.png

I'm going to be picking up my 3rd 12-pack today as soon as the Millionaire mission completes, wish me luck ;)

As you can see, every time I opened a 12-pack I managed to get more than 100,000 SB worth of cards. So going back to the question of weather or not I'd be able to sell all of these cards? I don't thinks so. Some cards are in demand and will sell on the market but there are quite a few that will not sell.

The game is structured in a way to incentivize you to hold onto your cards. The more fans you have the more Starbits you receive from doing the missions, and the more fans you have the more skill you will need to control you Ego.

Well I hope everyone who takes the time to read my saga will also take the time to checkout the Rising Star Game. If you would like to give the game a try, you can use my referral code if you like https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=hhayweaver.
If anybody has any questions about the game, ask away and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.
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