Bird flew into my bedroom window


Wednesday evening a blackbird flew into my bedroom window and fell to the ground. It sat there for about five minutes. I think it was stunned. I could hardly keep from crying. I wanted to go out and get it, but I didn't know if I would be safe handling a wild bird. It finally starting walking before dark. I noticed it was gone from my window. I went to the door to check and see where it might be and I saw it walking toward my porch. When it saw me it turned and started running up toward our bushes by the driveway. It jumped over a big stick so I know it was starting to regain it's strength. It went in the bushes. I called my daughter and told trying to hold back the tears. She said it would probably be OK if it was running and went under the bushes. She said it would probably be safe until it could fly. The next day I saw some black feathers in front of my son's car. I just hope it wasn't that bird's. I hope a cat didn't catch it before it got away.