My Hive -> HBD Conversion Result


Hive ---> HBD conversion is a good idea when Hive Backed Dollars pumps more than $1.10(if case you will ask me), this is why I borrowed some Hive worth 267 Hive to immediately convert it until every Hive is inside the collateral.
This is a juicy profit if I am just aware of it when it hit this price but I am still happy to do the conversion while it is around $1.45 for each HBD.
We can see on my wallet history of we have done here. After 3 days of waiting the moment of truth happened.
From the original 266 Hive, it became 339 Hive with a total profit of 73 Hive.
There is also the downside of doing the conversion which is the reason we need to read the instruction very carefully before doing any actions on our hard-earned money.

Is the HBD <> HIVE conversion always efficient?

It depends on the situation, I can say that this time I got lucky that I made a small profit but there are times you can also lose Hive/HBD by doing this conversion. I remember before losing approx. 500 Hive for doing this which is kinda not feeling good but life goes on. What is your experience of using this feature? Let me know in the comment below...

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