Stabilizing fund for CENT token - week 5 - The exchange begins.

The fund holds 5.24 HBD guaranteeing 551 CENT


Posts 0,87 HBD
Layer 2 tokens 1 HBD
Contribution to CENT stabilizer @cliffagreen 0.252 HBD
Exchange rights created for our delegators 106

Distribution of rights by delegators:

The rights are exchangeable in packs of 100 CENT or 0.95 HBD. They will be accumulated from one week to the next

To redeem the rights send 100 CENT for every 95 collection rights to the @hiro.guita account with the legend "Redeem rights" you will receive 0.95 HBD for every 100 CENT
Only exact blocks minimum 100 CENT. Example: 100, 500, 1000, etc...

The CENT Stabilization Fund, it is already beginning to fill up little by little. If you want to know why we created it, how it is financed and what it will do, I recommend that you read the original publication.

We sell all layer 2 tokens and use the @hiveupme service to exchange our swap.hive for hive as it is the cheapest service

Stabilizer for CENT Token

But now we are going to explain a little more thoroughly the practical part of the distribution.

What is done with the HBD funds obtained?

They are deposited in savings to earn interest.

What part goes to exchange CENT for HBD at $0.0095?

50% of the Fund's weekly income goes to the exchange generating CENT Rights.

Can you give me an example?

If in the week the Fund increases by 10 HBD this will generate 5 HBD in CENT Rights. Or what is the same, 500 CENT could be exchanged at a price of $0.0095.

How do I get my CENT Rights?

For one week, the 10 main delegates will have priority rights based on their proportional delegation.
If there are CENT Rights left to exchange, these will be granted to the rest of the delegators who will have another week to exchange.
If there are still CENT Rights left to exchange, any CENT user can request the exchange during another week.

If you want to win LEO and Cent passively, don't hesitate to delegate your tokens to @hiro.guita, you can also participate in our weekly draw for 500 Ecency points.

Stabilizer for CENT Token
New manual curation account for Leofinance and Cent


I have few credits but the fund continues to grow day by day. I will wait to sell my CENTs


Sent 0.1 PGM - 0.1 LVL- 1 STARBITS - 0.05 DEC - 15 SBT - 0.1 THG - tokens to @tokutaro22

remaining commands 8


The tokens that the command sends are: 0.1 PGM-0.1 LVL-0.1 THGAMING-0.05 DEC-15 SBT-1 STARBITS-[0.00000001 BTC (SWAP.BTC) only if you have 2500 PGM in stake or more ]

5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

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