#Index4Index It's not about what you get



I've got into a fairly solid daily routine of directing traffic to my landing pages. While I'm doing that I like to listen to affiliate marketing or other business or motivational YouTube videos. Just recently I've come across a bunch of people who put out quality content on those topics.

The latest geezer I've come across is someone called Stefan James. I didn't find him, but his YouTube ad found me. Earlier this month I cancelled my YouTube Premium account so my YouTube viewing is often interrupted by ads. One of those ads was a video by Stefan James. I didn't buy whatever it was he was promoting but the video was packed with good content and so I subscribed to his channel.

Yesterday, I was clicking for credits on a bunch of traffic exchanges and listening to Stefan James talking about affiliate marketing and how it is more important to provide value to your audience than to get a quick sale. That message confirms what Alex Hormozi was saying in another video (as I mentioned in a previous Index4Index post)... In the middle of his spiel he said something that really jumped out at me:

"It's not about what you get; it's what you become."


Let that sink in!


David Hurley

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