#Index4Index - THIS is the most efficient business model!



What is the most efficient business model, according to my man, Alex Hormozi?

Just ask Ronaldo (who's just launched his first NFT collection...)


"Fame is the most efficient business model" (Alex Hormozi)

Don't give up, if you're not super famous just yet...

It's not really about Ronaldo levels of fame but about building a positive reputation in your chosen niche. You do that by creating a THING (or promoting somebody else's THING) that solves a pressing problem and does so by providing excellent value for money.

Then you add value on top of that, and relentlessly promote your THING. You work on improving the THING, improving your marketing, sales and delivery of the THING until you become known as the go-to person for anybody who wants a THING like that.

Once you have become famous as the go-to person for that thing the process of selling that THING will become much more efficient.

You've made the THING better. You've increased the flow of targeted traffic to your THING salespage (ideally via your autoresponder mailing list, where you deliver THING-related value)...

Only now that you are famous in your niche market do you think about offering another THING-RELATED-THING to your target market.


So go and geddit done.


David Hurley

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