Leadsleap Training Video 2 (the latest update!): Surfing for Credits and Profit Share


About a year ago when I started making Leadsleap Training Videos, Leadsleap had an ad-rating requirement. When you surfed ads to earn credits, you had to give each ad you surfed a rating of 1 to 5 stars. In my second video I talked about that star-rating system and demonstrated how it worked.

Then, sometime in 2022 Kenneth Koh updated the ad-surfing system and dropped the star-rating system. At that time I made an update video explaining the changes.

Time To Make A New Leadsleap Surfing Video

Fast forward to December 2022 and I received a distressed email from one of my subscribers in which he lamented that he

was shocked to see that you had to give a star on the left,i never knew this.I have some 8000 credits without marking a star are these now useless,i willbe bitterly disappointed if so.

Clearly it is high time I made a completely new training video and update my email letters to reflect the changes without referring back to the old star-rating system. In the months that have passed, a new generation of subscribers has come to Leadsleap that have no experience of the old system. All they need to know is how the current iteration of Leadsleap works.

Finally, A Free Day!

So, after a hectic teaching week, and too many late nights/early mornings watching the World Cup... I finally had a free day today in which to rectify the problem by making a brand new video.

Mind you, I was somewhat out of practice and it required several re-takes and a lot of editing to get a basic "how to surf Leadsleap" video done.

So here it is, the latest update of the second Leadsleap training video.

Video Contents

In the video I take you through the relatively simple process of surfing for credits. I also show you how many credits you can earn per click.

Also covered:

  • Credit overrides from your direct referrals.
  • How to earn credit overrides on 10 levels of your downline.
  • How to earn daily profit share bonuses.

Get started with Leadsleap free today: https://leadsleap.com/?r=hirohurl


David Hurley


Great guide David, and I liked those stars, but all has it's time and now we need to work without them, keep up your great work and stay !ALIVE


Yes, it was nice to earn those 4 or 5 star ratings, or to give them out, but now life is a little bit easier on the LeadsLeap surfing front!

Thanks for popping by.