My Top 5 Strengths (Blush)...



I've just started building a big new project... As part of the process of finding a name for the concept I looked up the results of a personality test I took a couple of years ago.

That test is called "How To Fascinate" and it seeks to identify your "fascination advantages" with the idea that "different is better than better," which I think is a pretty cool slogan.

Anyway, I looked up the website with the intention of taking the test again, but it seems they now charge $59 per test with no sign of a free option.

So I did a bit of googling and discovered a nice free alternative called "High 5 Test". So I took that test instead.

Here were my "strengths" according to my test results for tonight:


Here's the blurb for each "strength":

Optimists enjoy praising the good in people and are grateful for what they have. They find it difficult to be around those who constantly focus on the negative.

Yup, that's me!

Coaches love discovering the potential in people and supporting others’ personal growth. It’s hard for them to accept when this potential is being wasted.

This is a journey I've been on... and is what my new project will be based on...

Storytellers are masters of communication. They like to host events, speak in public and be heard. They suffer in situations where they can’t express themselves through words.

Oh yes, I love storytelling and communicating through stories.

Catalysts love to get things started and are great at creating momentum in stagnant environments. They have a hard time waiting and so-called ‘wasting time’ when they know they could be moving forward and getting things off the ground.

I was pleased to see this "strength" appear in this test because it showed up in the "Fascination Advantage" test I took a couple of years ago too. Only, two years ago it was my "twin" rather than my direct strength.

The "Fascination Advantage" test result was skewed more in favour of "innovation" with "passion" in second place which apparently made me a "rockstar" more than a "catalyst."

Philomaths love learning. They explore many interests, follow new paths and acquire as much knowledge as possible. They don’t enjoy the company of so-called 'know-it-alls’, people with little curiosity and no desire to explore new ideas.

How valid are these tests?

It's hard to say. In the case of the High 5 Test you are given a series of binary questions and can slide a button on a bar in the direction of "Strongly Disagree" or "Strongly Agree", as far as you like in either direction. Most of my answers headed in the "agree" direction, but where I stopped the button seemed pretty random except in the case of the few "strongly agree" answers.

Even so, the result does resonate with me but perhaps that's because each category is general enough for test takers to find something to grab hold of, rather like a well-written horoscope.

Here are the two websites if you'd like to check out your strengths.


David Hurley


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