Practising The First 10 Variations Of My Mnemonic Opening Repertoire Memory System...

Here in this New Year's video are the first 10 variations of my 1.d4 opening repertoire memory system...

They are all in the Queen's Gambit Declined so you will notice a relationship between them in the first three moves or so.

This is really a test to see if I can recreate the moves of the first ten variations. There are another 174 variations in the memory system, which I will go over in future videos.

Before you watch it, I have some questions for you:

  1. Where did Noah's ark really land?

  2. Who did Theresa May summon to 10 Downing Street?

  3. What did Falstaff have to do?


One Mistake: The "Mirror" Is Actually The "Mayor"

The only mistake I made was to refer to variation 34 as the "mirror". 34 could be "Maria" or "Mary" as I stated, or "mayor," but the mirror, with that "r" ending is actually 344, which is part of my memory system for my black repertoire which I have put together but not yet learnt...

The problem was that when I set up the white repertoire I chose "mirror" for 34, ignoring the final "r," but when I set up my black repertoire, starting from 300, I found "mirror" was the best choice for number 344!

The "mayor" (34) is actually part of the Marshall Defence series, and in that particular variation one knight seems to "reflect" the other in a mirror of pawns, so I shall not try to dislodge that association, but instead imagine the knight as a mayor admiring himself in a mirror!

David Hurley

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Check out on whose analysis board the memory challenge was conducted.


John Watson, A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White