Responding To Jon Olson's Invitation To Earn INDEX By Sharing Index Card Images On Liketu :)


In a recent post @jongolson announced the start of a new initiative called #Index4Index ...

Jon Olson's Index4Index post:

Get Tipped In Index By Sharing Index Card Tips

The idea is to share inspirational quotations or thought-provoking ideas and tips on the photo-sharing site by posting images of index cards.

Add the hashtag #Index4Index and if @jongolson likes what he sees on Liketu he might well tip you an "Index" token or a fraction thereof, or something like that if he'd like to... ;)

What Is INDEX?

"Index" is a 2nd tier Hive blockchain project that tracks a basket of 2nd tier tokens and pays out dividends on them.

If you hold Index tokens you will get a share of those token distributions.

Posting and Repurposing #Index4Index Content

In this video I explain what the #Index4Index project is and how I responded to it - and then how I repurposed the Liketu content for CTPTalk, and then how I expanded it to create a longer article for

Tomorrow, I will further repurpose the content and embed this video on my blog.

Index Cards: Physical or Digital?

I like the idea of creating a physical collection of inspiring index cards, but I decided to create my own digital index cards by converting a postcard template into an index card template on and working with that to create digital index cards for my Liketu posts.

Share your photos and Index card images and earn crypto on Liketu:

My first Index4Index post on Liketu:

Repurposing the content on Medium:

David Hurley


You sir....Absolutely rock!

Thanks for taking part and adding a ton of value!