Bitcoin Deep Pocket Investors Wants An Out From Crypto Post FTX Crash

With the crash of FTX which has simply put that centralized exchanges needs to be regulated, for the safety of investors and their investment. We all know that the king crypto bitcoin has ties with other alternative digital assets, which a bullish movement by the primary digital asset would run off positively on other alternative assets and the crypto market in general.


Micheal Saylor finally speaks on the crash of the FTX, which he says that bitcoin holders want out of cryptocurrency. He continued by saying in the interview that the crash has exposes the weakness of centralized exchanges in the crypto space.

“I think [FTX’s collapse] highlights the virtues of Bitcoin as much as it exposes the fragility of the crypto ecosystem. Bitcoin’s a commodity you can self custody without an issuer. The vast majority of all the crypto tokens out there are unregistered securities trading on unregulated exchanges, and they’re fairly centralized. And so what could go wrong? Well, we saw what could go wrong if a centralized token trading on an unregistered exchange blows up this week. I think that the Bitcoiners have been predicting this for a long time. Speaking for all the Bitcoiners, we feel like we’re trapped in a dysfunctional relationship with crypto and we want out.”

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Saylor is right. The general public lumps all crypto in the same category without understanding the mechanism behind each currency. So the bad ones cause the good ones to have the same bad reputation.