Russia Hauls Plans On State Own Cryptocurrency Exchange See Reason Why


The plans of the Russian government owning a state crypto exchange would have been the first of it’s kind known to the general public but sadly they are not pulling through with it, instead of own a state owned cryptocurrency exchange they plan on setting rules and regulations for the ones( cryptocurrency exchanges) existing already in their digital space. A news outlet reported that the country new focus is on allowing private individuals and sectors to build crypto exchanges.

The Wublockchain twitter handle which made a tweet stating that Russian lawmakers have said they will no longer move forward with plans to create a state-level cryptocurrency trading platform. Focus on developing rules that would allow private companies to set up such trading platforms, overseen by Russia's central bank, which is set to introduce new operating regulations by the end of the year.
From the notion made by the director of the financial policy department that the idea to push it to private entities so that it gives room for growth for the crypto sector. Well it’s quite interesting how sanctions has pushed the course into looking inward on how they can improve their economy.

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