Some Issues That Will Oppose The Establishment Of CBDC’s


The introduction of digital dollar has been a thing for a while now and during an interview which the chief executive officer of Microstrategy gave he’s take on a possible challenges which the US would face rolling out it's own digital dollar. Some of the point mentioned was the current banking establishment would oppose the introduction of CBDC which he puts has it as they seen it as a threat in disrupting the roles in which the banks play in the financial sector.

Slayor is of the opinion that stable coin will not come in form of digital currency as regulators might see as too much freedom giving to the people, as regulators are winding them down like the Wells Notice, the BUSD, like the Custodia denial letter, like the move by the Canadian regulators to prevent you from trading stablecoins on crypto exchanges in Canada, like the denial of Tether in the US.I think the regulators will move to clamp down on any non-KYC (know your customer) digital dollars.

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