VexPolyCub Earn 20% Interest Rate On Your Locked Tokens | Amplifying Governance Voting Power On VexPolyCub DAO

There is now $400k locked for 2 years in the vexPOLYCUB vault
Buybacks have just begun. $6,700 per month is buying #POLYCUB using MTB revenue and distributing it as 20% fixed APY to all vexPOLY stakers.

VexPolyCub which just released form the stables of the PolyCub franchise, PolyCub which is a project which was released couple of months ago which the community ruled out as the king defi 2.0 because of it’s opportunities and it’s huge APY. VexPolyCub as it will be referred to is a singular vaults which helps in keeping the Leofinance community grows yield and keeps it safe.


The interesting thing about this move is that going long term will directly increase governance power in order to have a sit on the decision making table on PolyCub DAO, is by buying PolyCub==> staking it into xPolyCub==> then locking it as vexPolyCub, with this three(3) steps you have been able to amplify your voting governance power.

What’s savings without interest, Lols!!!! Well the PolyCub DAO is standing toe to toe with the hive blockchain as regards interest rate. Hive few weeks back increased their interest rate for saving/staking either hive backed dollar (HBD) and it’s native token Hive to 20%, but PolyCub DAO started off with 20% of any vexPolyCub locked in the vault.

It’s a win-win situation with PolyCub, you get your 20% interest rate on the vexPolyCub locked and also as the value increases so is both vexPolyCub and PolyCub too. From a published article by the Leofinance team, it was able to explain explicitly how the interest rate will be paid to each individual who has been able to lock their vexPolyCub in the vault system using the multi token bridge plus protocol owned liquidity yield.

Well am definitely overwhelmed with this, which means for bullish news for the Leofinance native tokens and this is definitely a job well done which is creating more utility for the leofinance native tokens.

Also don’t forget in contributing to the pHBD-USDC pool, and from statistics it looks like we will be able to archive the set target in a few months, let’s do our own part in growing the pHBD-USDC liquidity and also take out time to participate in the Leo power up challenge which happens every 15th of each month.

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