Five things I learnt in the bear market


The bear market has been negative in my end. However, I have learnt a lot.

  1. Don't trade against a trend no matter how the opportunity it unveils. Trading against the trend is like fighting the government. You win five of every hundred battles. The trend is to be obeyed and to follow the trend by getting the best possible entry point is the way to go by

  2. Always investigate before investing. There are so many ponzi tokens out there which were exposed in the bear market. Researching before investing in anything be it crypto, bond, stock, commodities, futures or any other. You have to have the best knowledge of what you are getting into inorder to avoid " story that touches the heart".

  3. Seek knowledge rather than following signal providers. They are humans just like myself and not a god or market maker. Some of them went off the market due to heavy loss. Some are looking for account management opportunities.

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  1. Get to understand that the crypto world is not a get rich quick scheme. Being patient but not being to patient. Because sometimes you just have to sell before it gets so very bad.

  2. History tend to repeat itself. From my observation, I got to know that there was a heavy dump in the market before summer. Almost same period as we had this year.