Just One Thing - Daily Prompt for 19/05/2022 = Chemistry


'Just One Thing' -

This community was inspired by @hirohurl and his constant inspiring notions

We all know how beneficial it is , not only for ourselves , but also for the Hive community at large, to engage with people every day by writing a blog post and by responding to others
David decided to get back into the swing of things and write a blog post every day, Just One Thing, as a matter of engagement.

The Idea behind Just One Thing, is that a daily prompt will be given for people to write about.

You can either write about your daily activity or choose to use the Daily Prompt as a springboard to write about


There are boundaries, and those are

  1. It can be written or Visual
  2. If Written - You must write a minimum of 200 words with a Target of 400 words on the daily topic.
  3. If Visual it must be an image of your own making
  4. It can be non fiction or fiction.
  5. It must be original thought - No Plagiarism
  6. You must include the #justonething
  7. You must include a Topic Tag - justonething
  8. You can post into other communities as long as the topic tag is included
  9. The Topics will be randomly selected
  10. You must post a link to your writing in the comments below
  11. You can take as long as it takes to write your post, just write it Daily


Todays Prompt is



Remember to have fun
Remember to engage
Remember to put a Link to 'Your' Post in the comments below

#alive #AliveAndThriving


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