Splinterlands and BBH for 26th July 2022

So SPS air drop is over. And I seen this fancy new window. I had to look it over to make sure nothing private, like keys, were showing. Lol

Screenshot_20220726-200530_Firefox Beta.jpg

I am rather excited about this. I don't have much. But it is exciting. If I get time to dig into it I may, may being the key word, write a post about it.

Well I have had the Focus of Healing for 3 or 4 days and I been sucking at it. Lol. Thought I was going to do well.

One chest .

Screenshot_20220726-200408_Firefox Beta.jpg

Here is where I am at.

Screenshot_20220726-200442_Firefox Beta.jpg

Building BBH.

Screenshot_20220726-201823_Firefox Beta.jpg

Top ten tokens holding for BBH today.

Screenshot_20220726-201844_Firefox Beta.jpg

I am alive and Thriving


May the tip and Splinters and positivity be with you.