WS Fireside Chat #2 minutes

Wax Street just hosted its second Twitter Space a few minutes ago. The recording is available here for a month or so.

The Space was chill and shorter than the previous one but here's a recap of what you missed.

Among other things

  • Wen POAP? You asked, we delivered. If you consider yourself a WS member, fill this form before the 20th to get your exclusive mint link.
  • NFT NYC is starting next week and our local members will attend some side events. The atmosphere is more or less unaffected by the crypto market conditions.
  • As strange as it is, there's a Chinese bots network hunting POAP mints. The form got almost 100 answers a few minutes after being shared on Twitter.
  • I'll spend a third of the month to train asset managers on Ethereum and crypto in general. Hard to deny crypto is mainstream now.

What's next

Next Space scheduled for July, the 17th at 22:00 UTC. Join our Discord for more information.

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