Patience , Persistence , and Perserverance


Life is not always friendly with you. When you face difficult situation you should be patient. Patience is needed because it will make you feel peace with the worst situation you have. Patience is an action to stay calm, do nothing and observe what to do. In the state of patience you will accept the condition as the reality. It will help you to reduce stress and reenergize your motivation.

Persistency is an endurance of facing life difficulties. In this situation, your patience is very crucial. Your power will be tested in the situation. D not take actions that are not measurable in the persistence state if you do not want to plunge into the worst situation. Combining patience and persistence you will be strong. You will have more energy because in patience state you do nothing so your power will be recharged.


Perseverance is the next step to fight your bad situation. Perseverance state is time to do action with your recharged power from patience and persistence states. In patience you let things happen without your interference. While in perseverance you take control to what is going to happen. However, you still in the calm of mind. You will have more power with three sources. Patience, persistence and perseverance are the three bullets that will break the obstacles in your life.