The Purpose of our life


Life has a purpose. If we don't have a purpose in life, we will get carried away by the currents we don't want. We must identify what our purpose in life is in working, having a family, making friends and others.

When in friendship we want to do business, then we will not benefit. Being friends with business people does not mean your goal is to make money from them. You can learn many things in business from your friends. Stay friends even if we don't do business with them.

When friends become business friends, it's great. But remember, friends are friends, don't harm friends in business.Establishing mutually beneficial relationships is better than losing friends. We don't make big profits, but we don't lose friends.
Re-identify what our purpose in life is necessary. We will know where we are and where we are going. We will also be aware of what we do to the people around us. Live modestly but be able to achieve goals in making friends, doing business and interacting with the environment. Smartness in our life's purpose will make us happy and aware of ourselves.

We will live calmly and not be easily influenced by things outside of our goals.