Cave Slug The Ultimate Monster

Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world. I want to say, thank you for this awesome opportunity you gave to us. For 2 weeks now, there is surge increase of cards in the market. In fact it is really hard now to get cards because of the price. Players who invested are now enjoying it. I wanted to get Chain Golem in the market, when saw the amount; It was very expensive for me, 'i don't even have that kind of money'.
Kudos to curators for tireless effort curating splinterlands posts, Is not that an easy work.
This weekly challenge is using cave slug in a battle. Sincerely, I totally forgot that I have monster called cave slug. Thank you splinterlands for remembering me, I don't even use the monster at all. The last time I used the monster, I was displeased because of its speed. Cave slug did not have a single target till I was defeated.
I like this monster because of its opportunistic ability. That is the reason I used Serpentine Spy in most of my battles. Attacking monsters with lowest health is very good in battles and that is the work of opportunity monsters. They attack monsters with small health, and also attack in any angle. Opportunity monsters make battles very fast, especially when the monster possesses high speed.
Another Ability of this monster is scavenger. When monsters die in battles, opportunity monster will have additional health. Therefore, when used monster with scavenger ability; the more monsters die in the battle, the higher the number of health it possesses. Until you reach level 6 before this ability can be activated and the level 6 requires 100 cave slug. Well! That is a lot of money now.
Slow is the last ability of this monster. it is activated at level 10 which is the last level. Cave Slug possessed wonderful melee but had no armor.
Equal Opportunity: All the monsters have the opportunity ability. Lost Legendary: Legendary monsters may not be used in battles.

Click here to watch the battle

Chrisamuda vs Gandalf- The Grey
Silvershield Paladin> Silvershield Knight> Silvershield Assassin> Cave Slug> Evangelist> Armorsmith
Living Lava> Kobold Bruiser > Exploding Dwarf> Sandworm> Serpentine Spy> Furious Chicken.

Silvershield Paladin: Paladin was my main priority at the front due to shield ability. I knew it would be very hard to pull it out of the battle. The sweetest position for Paladin is the front.
At the start of the battle, serpentine spy was the first monster that started the attack and it attacks Armorsmith due to the small health it has. Silvershield Knight was the first monster to attack in my lineup, it attacked exploding dwarf and eliminated it. There was no chance for exploding dwarf to attack at all. Silvershield Assassin eliminated furious chicken and serpentine spy in round one. Evangelist attacked Kobold Bruiser while Armorsmith eliminated it. Then, cave slug attacked sandworm, while sandworm destroyed Armorsmith. Therefore, at round one, five monsters were destroyed-Exploding dwarf, serpentine spy, furious chicken, kobold bruiser and armorsmith.

Silvershield Knight: the moment I saw the battle rule said, 'equal opportunity' I brought in Silvershield Knight to increase the melee of my monsters and which it does. The reason for bringing in Silvershield Knight is to give my monsters edges in terms of melee that would destroy my opponent's monsters with no time. And I knew it would be advantageous to me because Silvershield Knight would also attack.
Silvershield Knight was the first monster to attack from my lineup. Therefore, not only to increase my melee but also to attack.
At round two, only 2 monsters left from my opponent- living lava and sandworm. Both were eliminated at round 2 and the battle ended.

Silvershield Assassin: What a joy to have this monster. Attacking twice was the major reason I selected it. Assassin destroyed two monsters in round one.

Cave Slug: The Monster of the week contributed a lot by reducing the health of Sandworm before it was brought down by Silvershield Knight in round 2. It eliminated living lava after series of attacks; Cave Slug was the monster that attacked last in the battle. The reason I placed it as the third monster was to hide it from attack. There is always an intensed from the front and behind; that was the reason I hid it in the middle. Because of the fragility of cave slug, I used to hide it in the middle.

Evangelist: I thought my opponent may used monster that reduces melee; I brought in evangelist as the only range monster. Therefore, evangelist would be able to attack and give me victory.

Armorsmith: My plan was that, armorsmith would keep adding armor. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, armorsmith should have been in the 2nd to the last but I placed it as the last monster.

In conclusion, every monster have rules where they will be effective and perform to the utmost. If you want to see cave slug in action, use it when you have battles with the rule of reverse speed.
One of the reasons I don't like it is the speed. The speed of cave slug is too low. As you can see in this battle, it was the monster that attacked last in this battle. If you use this monster when speed is needed, it may not attack before it is eliminated. This is my major problem with cave slug.
The opportunity ability is wonderful and good to use. I like the opportunistic ability of this monster.

All the pictures and gif are gotten from splinterlands website

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