Spineback Turtle: Slowly But Useful

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Hello splinterlands, happy new year and i wish everyone a fruitful year.
I want to thank splinterlands founder for this great initiative and i am happy to be part of it. Since I joined splinterlands I have never regretted joining it. It is a game you just want to win and it is not possible because there are many big and experienced players in the game.
I so much enjoy the game and never want to leave it.
This week's battle challenge is using Spineback Turtle in the game and talk about the lineup and the strategies you use in the battle.
spnieback turtle.png
Spineback Turtle is a common water monster with melee attack. The best level to enjoy this monster is level 4 where the thorn ability is activated; this thorn ability is what makes Spineback Turtle very useful in battles. Whenever i sees Spineback Turtle with thorn ability, i easily lose hope because of the thorn ability.
One day, I was looking for one more victory to complete my daily quest. After I lost 3 battles in a row, I was paired with a player in a lower league. I was very happy because his power was very low compared to my own; my thought was that, ‘I have won this battle’.
When I saw his lineup I was more convinced that I had won the battle because most of his monsters were in level 1.
I was watching the battle, saw how Spineback Turtle was damaging 2 healths from all my melee monsters that resulted in defeat; I watched the battle again and was surprised. That was how I was engrossed with Spineback Turtle but I was buying summoners in that particular period because some of the summoners are very costly. I kept pending when to purchase Spineback Turtle, up to this moment I have not got Spineback Turtle to level 4. The thorn ability is all I enjoyed most in Spineback Turtle
From level one to the highest level the speed is not encouraging. The highest level of Spineback Turtle’s speed is 2: this is the reason i don’t really like the monster from level 1 to level 3, also Spineback Turtle is not good enough to battle when high speed is required.
Spineback Turtle is very efficient in the reverse speed rule especially level 4, this is the kind of battle it attacks faster and also damages the healths of melee monsters.

For or War: Monsters lose the sneak and snipe abilities
Rise of the Commons: Only common and rare monsters may be used in battles.

spineback turtle 3.png
click here to watch the battle. I was paired with @sule1999 in this battle, i did not look at his power collection before I arranged my lineup. I was eager to use Spineback Turtle in the battle and share the battle challenge.
Watch the battle and enjoy it

spineback turtle 4.png
Spineback Turtle: it is good to know the ability of monsters even at the lowest level. I wanted to use sea monster but it wasn't available in my lineup. I realized that Spineback might be of help to me. I selected Spineback because of the high number of health and armors. Seeing all my opponent monsters with armor got me distracted and convinced me that I might lose the battle.
It took a long time before Spineback Turtle was eliminated from the battle and that is all I wanted. I used Spineback Turtle to delay from the front war so that my magic monsters can do the remaining work. It worked perfectly and was eliminated in the 4th round which I am very happy and contented with.

kelp initiate.png
Kelp Initiate: The purpose of using Kelp Initiate was to cleanse Spineback Turtle from any impurity and affliction from opponent monsters. My thought was that my opponent was going to use monsters like captain ghost or doctor blight that have ability to stop crustacean king from increasing the health of Spineback Turtle. Kelp Initiate have the ability to remove poison, affliction and other impurities that may hamper crustacean king from increasing the health of any monster in the first position.

captain ghost.png
Captain Ghost: the major purpose was to attack the health and afflict any monster in the first position. I used captain ghost and ice pixie to attack while I used Spineback to defend:This strategy really worked for me in this battle. You could see that Captain Ghost did the attacking job throughout the battle. Captain Ghost was not eliminated throughout the battle.

ice pixie.png
Ice Pixie: My plan for ice pixie was to support captain ghost to attack. Unfortunately the opportunity monster eliminated it in the first round of the battle; it attacked a cruel Sethropod at the beginning of the battle before it got eliminated by feasting seaweed. If not because of the opportunity monsters in my opponent's lineup, I would have won without any glitches.

crustracean king.png
Crustacean King: with just 21 mana to choose monsters, I realized that I needed a monster that would keep on increasing the first monster in my lineup so that it would not be eliminated. Crustacean King was very useful in the battle, increasing Spineback Turtle health in every round that kept it to round 4. If not crustacean king, Spineback Turtle would have been eliminated in the second round that would have scattered my lineup.

furious chicken.png
Furious Chicken: this monster is very important to me, it was the first monster to get eliminated in this battle by opportunity monster; Furious chicken is very good at delaying battles. If there was no furious chicken in my lineup, deeplurker would have attacked ice pixie and seaweed would have attacked crustacean which would have caused more destruction on my side.

In conclusion, there are rules that suit Spineback in splinterlands, therefore read the rules carefully before selection of monsters. Supersneak is one of the rules I love to use Spineback if I have level 4 of it.
spneback turtle is very slow to attack but useful in battles.

Thank you for reading my post.

credit to splinterlands for the pictures in this article


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